They Just Don’t Know You

Hey there, some shits happen now..

Daddy doesn’t think that you’ll be good enough for me
Mama says be careful ’cause he’ll break your heart in three
My sister says she doesn’t like the way you wear your hair
But I know that she’s jealous, so why would I even care?
I have to lie about how good you make me feel
Just tell me, tell me you won’t break my heart
You won’t tear my world apart
That you’ll be there when I need
‘Cause I wanna tell them
They just don’t know you, like I do
Talk is cheap and rumors spread but they go with the wind
It’s not about she said he’s sick ’cause I know where it ends
I know the real truth
And the real truth is you
It’s funny ’cause at times it feels like us against the world
They treat you like a criminal but I’ll still be your girl
I’d ride or die with you
Walk the line if you asked me to

You don’t know about our love
You choose what you see
You don’t know about the times when it’s just him and me
‘Cause if you felt the way we love, you’d just let it be

They just don’t know you, like I do


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