Just Me? I Think Everyone Does

Whoever we are, we always have that someone who we love silently.. when we remember about him/her, it feels like to be so hard to breath, but we’re still loving him/her..

There’s something you should do then, you should tell him/her about that feels.. no matter what the answer then, all you do is just to make him/she knows..

Some people change their self to be the better one to get so close with someone they love.. be active, be cheerful one, be better at working.. it’s all something that people usually done cause of that one.. yeah, sounds fool when you know it doesn’t work well.. but you have to admit it that the one is such a mood booster..

Sometimes.. whenever you get closer with some other boy/girl, you just don’t know why that one keeps on your mind.. it makes you not easy to open the door for other boy/girl.. a little things you do cause you fall to him/her..

Trust me, when you love someone, it doesn’t matter how often he/she hurts you, he/she still to be the one for you.. cause for me, love is simple as you just silent even though you’re in anger.. as you care even though you’re in neglect ~

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